Olivier Ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>   http://gimp.org/downloads/
> According to this web page, the GAP, freetype and perl plugins are for
> 2.0 ("GAP (the GIMP Animation Package) for 2.0 is available at"). The
> ftp site organisation confirms this impression (they are in a v2.0
> directory).
> Is this wanted or it is just that the web/ftp sites are just outdated
> ? (2.0 -> 2 or 2.x would be enough to clarifiy).

GIMP 2.2 implements the GIMP 2.0 API. All plug-ins written for 2.0
will work with it. The GIMP release notes mention this:


I agree that the website should make this clearer.

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