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> cedric wrote:
> >I wonder why, when Opening or creating a document, there are only 3
> >color channel and then, when creatin a layer, the alpha is coming. What
> >this stand for ?
> >
> >Cedric
> > 
> >
> The bottom layer cannot be transparent, as far as I'm aware, so it does 
> not have an alpha channel associated with it. You can still export 
> transparent gifs and pngs though.

Err, unless I am misunderstanding you, you are wrong.  Bottom layers can
most definitely be transparent.  As noted previously in response to this
question, when you create a new image, what you fill the base layer with
changes whether or not it has an alpha channel.  At any point, you can add
an alpha channel by going to:

Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

At any point, you can remove an alpha channel by flattening the layer.

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