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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Feature Request: Open toolbox on right click.
> I posted this to the c.g.a.gimp group initially but was told that this

the wha'?  not familiar with the term c.g.a.gimp

> might be a better place for it. I wanted to discuss it before submitting
> it as a feature requeset to bugzilla. That way other users of the GIMP
> can bring their ideas to it (like, whether or not they like it!) and I
> can make it a bit more focused where it's uncertain (see *highlighted*
> sentance):
> - - - -
> It once again occured to me after recently discovering the stroke/fill
> option that there are many commonly used operations associated with
> tools that are difficult for users to find. Drawing shapes is a good
> example of this. GIMP - it has to be said - is not the most intuitive
> application in the world.

Rather than creating complex selectoins and then stroking them, Gfig can
be used to create some intersting results too.

request for a shape tool

> In fact, to utilise tools, one must either open a menu or go to one of
> the dialogues docked in another window to get at the options one needs,
> which can be frustrating if it's obscured by the window you're working
> in. I'm often making 3 or 4 clicks to make a simple change.

> So, why not associate a toolbox with each tool that can be opened by
> right clicking in the image window. Currently, right clicking simply

If anything the GNU Image Manipulation Program should be moving away from
requiring right click for anything as it makes work more cumbersome for
anyone using a pen interface or accessibility tools.

> opens the menubar, which can be accessed twice already from the image
> window:

If look back into the history of the gimp and see the stuggle it was to
get the menubar added at all you will realise that there are many users
who do actually like having to make that extra click anytime they want to
do anything and you would have to pry the right click menu out of their
cold dead hands.

> it seems like a waste of a mouse button to me. Much better to be
> able to perform common tasks, such as "path to selection" or "stroke
> path" instead.

Most other applications use the right click menu as _context menu_
providing a short list of the most used or most relevant functions for a
particular situation.  I am afraid this is not a change the developers
would be able to make without pissing off a lot of existing users and
more importantly I do not think it is even a change they would
particularly want to make.

> You could also make it flexible and do what you do already with
> dialogues, providing a number of presets while allowing users the option
> to customise the toolkit themselves (a system that works excellently imo).

I think there is some sort of plan to make it easier to have presets for
the various Filters, not sure though, might just be wishful thinking on my

> Btw, this is (more or less) my first post to the mailing list. So I'd
> just like to say hello to all other gimpers out there and, of course,
> thank you to any developers watching.

The developers do read this too.


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