Steve Stavropoulos wrote:

Having something like that in the right click I wouldn't think is very practical. A previous reply to your post made that very clear.

Indeed, I hadn't even considered that some people don't have right mouse buttons. I can't really argue against any of the points against me.

Although, as I understand it, you propose that some actions, relevant to the current tool, should be put somewhere where people can find them quickly. You have my vote on that.

That's about the gist of it.

I propose a small horizontal toolbar (same size with the menubar) which
has some actions depending on the currently selected tool.

Actually, this sounds like an all-round better idea. Would the toolbar be docked underneath the menubar or floating in its own window (or both)?
It seems to me that docked would be best where the window is large enough to fit all of the tools while floating would be best where the window itself is too small but where there is consequently enough room on the rest of the desktop to accommodate it. Hmm, so basically I'm saying we should make the canvas window dockable, but just for this toolbar.

You could also make it flexible and do what you do already with dialogues, providing a number of presets while allowing users the option to customise the toolkit themselves (a system that works excellently imo).

Perhaps this could be done, but we should first try really hard and provide default shortcuts that will please most of the people.

The reason I said this is because I suspect that different people use the gimp quite differently, and will require a different set of tools, depending on their needs. So far I've been using it for developing photographs, which is why I didn't even know you could stroke a path or selection until someone brought it up in a forum. Now I'm wanting to create icons, buttons, rollover effects and other website related paraphernalia, I'm having to learn to use tools I previously never even touched and not touching tools that I previously used a lot.

This is my limited experience, at least. I'm still pretty new to the gimp all round. I've only been using it a couple of months or so.

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