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You can specify inthe preferences that the toolbox must be "on top". This way, you always have it available...

Try as I might, I cannot find this option!
Preferences->Window Management->Hint for the toolbox->keep above

Not everyone is using the menubar (it is optional, see the prefences): I do not. I find it unpractical since I very often use Gimp to work on small images. I think long time gimp users might also use preferentially the right-click menu to the menubar: It allows a faster/more straightforward access to the functionality. To summarise my personal opinion: The right click menu is one of the best things introduced by Gimp.

But even with the menubar switched off it can still be accessed by clicking the right-facing arrow in the top left corner of the screen, so you don't *need* the right-click. I'm not saying that it shouldn't continue to be accessible by right-clicking. It could always be a preference option, or a Shift+click option.

The difference between the right click menu and the arrow icon is with respect to Fitts law: The pixel where you already are is always the most esily accessible. This is a big reason why the right click menu is so damn useful: No need to move the mouse, no need to position the cursor on a limited-size target (arrow icon or menu toolbar).

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