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In a nutshell, yes. That feature is not yet available in the windows port
(or at least it wasn't last time I checked).

That feature is implemented in the Win32 port of GDK so it is supposed to work. Actually, the main reason for adding this to GIMP was that it is supposed to work on Windows. If it doesn't work, someone should file a bug report on it. Otherwise this is not going to be fixed ever.


In that case I'd better confirm exactly how this is supposed to work so that I can submit a meaningful and legitimate bug.

At the moment I have The main window (containing tools, brushes etc) and a canvas window open. If I move the canvas window so that it obscures the main window I have to either reselect the main window or press [TAB] to bring it to the front (but [TAB] will also work without the window manager hints selected to "keep above," so I don't think it's what you're talking about).

Is there another modifier key I have to press or should the main window simply always be on top?

I currently have "keep above" as the selected option for both docks and the toolbox (main window?) I don't know what "utility window" does either.


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