On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Asif Lodhi wrote:

> Thanks for the help, Owen. I did exactly as you advised and 2.2.6 is running 
> on my system now. However, I am afraid I might get into run-time errors. If 
> this is not the case then why are there so many precautionary 
> dependency-related instructions in the INSTALL file that comes bundled with 
> the tar.gz? I would like to know what trade-offs I made by not following the 
> instructions given in the INSTALL doc and installing the gimp 2.2.6 without 
> installing any of the latest packages (from sources) mentioned in INSTALL.

If it installed and is working, don't worry about the latest and
greatest. Normally the Gimp team will tell you when an upgrade is

> I have not yet tried the "yum update" method recommended by Steve as running 
> configure with a different "prefix" did work. I visited Red Hat's website 
> page listing the gimp binaries once again but there are no 2.2.6 binaries 
> over there. May be the "yum update" method downloads the relevant sources to 
> your machine, analyzes all the dependencies and configure/make/make_installs 
> all the files over the Internet. Any comments?
> Is it safe to carry out a "yum update" exercise from root? Or, can I also do 
> it from a normal user account?

Sorry I have no idea about fedora, and presumeably yum update is an
automatic update procedure from Red Hat.

If Gimp is working now my gut feeling is to leave well alone. However my
guess yum updating libraries like GTK wont break your gimp. 


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