A single scanned page comes in at about 3.5 MB as a png (saved directly to
png from the scan).  Any suggestions as
to how I might reduce that?

As already has been suggested: indexed instead of RGB.
Another suggestion: reduce the image size - the smaller it is, the less space it needs (obviously).

I guess you already set the compression rate to 9 in the png save dialog?!

One idea I had was to lift the text off of the page and clean up the
background. There is a lot of noise, mostly from information showing
faintly through from the other side of the thin glossy paper. I spent a lot
of time with the select by colour tool to lift the text off the page.

If it is only black and white text, try out the "Threshold" tool (in Image -> Color Tools). It also works on selections.

should add that I rescanned as an *.xcf format image to do this work.

Hm - I don't think this makes a difference, both xcf and png are lossless formats, so the pixels should be identical.

I saved to *.png, it was pretty much the same size as before (even a little

Hm. Strange. Did you have any settings on the scanner different?

Andreas Waechter
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