> none!  Have you considered what kind of license to attach to your work?

Not at all, except for the fact that people can do anything they want with
it. Which one do you suggest?

>   If possible, it would be wonderful if a majority of these were added
> to the default Gimp install (devs, listening?).

I'll be glad if they were. In fact if that happens, I'll keep on producing
so many of them that the devs would _have_ to make a category browser for
both brushes and patterns - hohoho I'm pure evil >:-]

Also do note that the collection is rather huge, spacewise. And I would like
to retain the local version at my web-home - www.artcamilla.dk/vaultage.
Those ducks really do speak latin, I can't leave them all alone in this

ARCHIVES (textures, brushes, patterns):

Rene Jensen

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