Yea it's a very uncommon thing, but I am working with J2ME apps for mobile 
phones. Part of making an app smaller in filesize or take less memory on a 
mobile device is to optimize images and explore different image types. Some 
apps we've come across have code that specifically needs something like an 
image to be e.g. "2-bit grayscale" in order for something to happen (or another 
example having to do with palettes... that it requires colour "3,3,3" to be in 
position 4 of the palette).

I would appreciate sub-8bit support in GIMP... it would definately be a reason 
for me to use the program more often.

Not many people would need this kind of stuff tho =).

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On Thursday 05 May 2005 12:17, Kalle Ounapuu wrote:
> > One of the things I've noticed is that Adobe Photoshop (and the
> > PSD file format) does not allow Indexed images with multiple
> > layers.  If you save to any format other than XCF you cannot be
> > sure all features will be supported.
> Amen to that! That is one thing I wished Photoshop had... saving an
> Indexed PSD with layers. Also support for sub-8bit Indexed mode
> (e.g. 2bit, 4bit, etc)... currently I only know of Paintshop Pro
> that can do that (though it's buggy).

Nobody have asked, that I recall, saving in indexed formats with 2 and 
4 bit.

This is not hard to do code in the GIMP PNG and maybe some other 
format. (bmp, or tiff)

Do you need this feature?

> Another thing I wish for Photoshop is a hard 1-pixel eraser in RGB
> mode (that acts just like the 1-pixel erase in Indexed mode).
> Bringing down square brush size to 1 and hardness to 100%, you have
> bleeding/softness around the area you are erasing.
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