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On Linux, I have no problem using a desktop solely for the Gimp, but on Windows (at work) I end up using a multi-desktop switcher to keep windows from getting out of hand (in numbers). Unfortunately, all the multi-desktop switcher programs I've tried (VirtuaWin, MegaScale MultiDesktop Manager, & MS Virtual Desktop Manager) are a tad buggy and/or don't implement as well as the Unix model of multiple desktops.

Yeah, on Windows the multidesktop is a waste of time. I've got it installed here and have used it once to try it out. I remember when I originally found out about it, I was quite excited about getting some Linux functionality back, but not so. As with everything Windows, it just works (oh, I love the double meaning of that slogan - why has nobody else picked up on it yet!?). Another curious thing: when I moved to Linux I found that immediately stopped using the desktop to store shortcuts or files. Now I'm using Windows again the desktop's filled back up.

The point of all this is that Windows works in quite a different way to Linux, so its users, to get the most out of the system, also work in a different way. This is why they're always clamouring for MDI. Despite its major drawbacks it's still better than relying on Windows's own manager. In that sense, it *is* an improvement, but only for Windows users. Oh well, since this is primarily for Linux, maybe they should try a live CD.

I think there is another way that can make the best of all worlds and I'll submit to bugzilla when I've finished working on it.

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