On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 03:08:08AM +0000, Kent Tong wrote:
> Carol Spears <carol <at> gimp.org> writes:
> > > -- Compare to PhotoShop, managing the layers is not that easy. You can 
> > > define
> > > layers to groups in Photoshop. You can even target an action to a group. 
> > > No
> > > group idea in GIMP.
> > > 
> > it is interesting that photoshop is considered to have better layers
> > control than gimp.  if you use gimp more you will see who has the real
> > control of them.
> Let's take an example. If in an image there are there is a toolbar at
> the top of it and some icons in a panel at the bottom. In Photoshop, one
> would have one layer for each tool in the toolbar and then group them
> to form a toolbar. Similarly, one would have one layer for each icon
> and then group them to form the panel. The benefit is, one can say
> move the whole toolbar or the panel easily.
the only examples i have are the art i was able to make with TheGIMP for
all of these years.  if you could provide for me how this layers thing
you ask for would improve this.  perhaps it would improve my
photography.  the best way to approach this is to show what the current
users can gain.

if you can show me an example of some gimp art that could have been
improved with this enhancement you ask for, it would be easier to
understand your need.


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