David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So I think you unwittingly hit the nail on the head with regard to the
> GIMP's problem: it insists that its users conform to its way of doing
> things instead of being malleable so that different users with
> different approaches can tailor it to suit their needs. Its approach
> obviously works for you, which is why you're happy with it. Just try
> to remember that your way isn't necessarily the *right* way.

The GIMP doesn't insist on anything. It is an Open Source project.
This means that everyone is invited to help making it better. Noone
insists that GIMP should stay the way it is. The developers know very
well that there's a lot to improve.

That said, can we please stop this thread here and get back to doing
something constructive with our free time?

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