Alan Horkan wrote:
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What can the GNU Image Manipulation Program do that Adobe Photoshop cannot
do?  Please do tell.  I have recently pointed out that the gimp allows you
to have files with multiple layers in Indexed Mode and photoshop does not.
I would like to be able to expand on this list of things I know the gimp
can do better.

Hi Alan,

* There is the possibility to use Gimp as a server like for
I guess this will not be considered a big plus untill google introduces some similar tool.

* The availability of three scripting languages, one of them being actually easy to understand (guess which ;) )

* I seem to remember that it was mentionned that Gimp can load some pictures with large dimensions (like 1*N N being very large) while PS fails (I am not talking about N*M, where N and M are big here). I think a scientific person add raised this point last year.

 * The recent possibility to use gimp without interface.

* The possibility to use it on *nix systems. This is useful for companies using linux farms.

 * 64 bits ready !

Sure, some of the points apply to niche markets. But CYMK is mostly useless for most personal use (web, home printing) and so also relates to some small market share (same for 16bits per channels and floating points).

Best regards,


I would very sincerely be interested to know other things you can do with the GNU Image manipulation program that cannot be done with other software, particuarly things that cannot be done in Adobe Photoshop.

No need to go into the obvious well known issues of price, and Free
Software which although important have been discussed to death many times
before and are usually given as the best reasons for using the gimp (they
are very good reasons).

- Alan H.

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