> I would very sincerely be interested to know other things you 
> can do with
> the GNU Image manipulation program that cannot be done with other
> software, particuarly things that cannot be done in Adobe Photoshop.
> No need to go into the obvious well known issues of price, and Free
> Software which although important have been discussed to 
> death many times
> before and are usually given as the best reasons for using 
> the gimp (they
> are very good reasons).
> - Alan H.

One thing that just came to mind... in Photoshop you can adjust brush size with 
a slider bar. In GIMP, I don't see a way of adjusting brush size on-the-fly. 
Please point it out to me if I am missing it.

About brushes... Corel's Paintshop Pro and Painter seem to have much better 
on-the-fly brush settings than Photoshop or GIMP. But that is more about 
simulating painting.

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