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> > Here are some things I found I couldn't do with PhotoShop
> > Elements and I'm sure
> > someone will correct me if they are possible with the
> > full-blown PhotoShop:

> > *)  Take screenshots.  I often take screenshots of Gimp or
> > other apps, if not
> > the desktop.  The cool thing about doing it *within* the
> > graphics app is I can
> > immediately scale, resize, or otherwise manipulate the image
> > without having to
> > use one app to take the screenshot and another to do the manipulation.
> On my PC with Photoshop I simply press Print Screen on my keyboard, go
> into Photoshop, make a new image and ctrl+v to paste the screenshot.
> When making a new image (e.g. File/New), the screenshot dimensions are
> automatically detected. If I didn't have this basic "PRNT SCREEN"
> capability working, or I wanted a more automation with multiple
> screenshots, I would probably use HyperSnap DX or some other screenshot
> program.

I'd be surprised if Adobe Photoshop Elements didn't work the same as its
big brother, in most cases is does.  I'd be inclinded to say it is six of
one half dozen of the other and in my opinion it is difficult to say which
approach is better.

I plan on keeping an old version of the GIMP around for a very long time,
and the extra feature that allowed you to take screenshots excluding
window decorations is one of the reasons for that (sure I could read the
XWD man page but why would I want to?).  (I'm also hoping Glade will add
functionality to batch convert Glade files to PNG screenshots which would
significantly change the way I do things and save me a whole lot of effort
when it comes to taking screenshots.)

Screenshots is one of those features where Adobe have passed off the job
to the Operating System which keeps things relatively simple.  The GIMP
offers a few extra features but I think it is difficult to say that one
approach is inherently better. (The developers of the gnome screenshot
applet has command line options to take only the current window and add a
delay but they are still considering how best to present that information
to users in a simple straightforward way.)

> Seems like a lot of GIMP users are interested in taking screenshots and
> sharpening them... what gives? =)

I try and use a flat low colour theme sharp looking theme for screenshots
and save as PNG.  Jpeg is almost always the wrong file format for
screenshots particularly ones with any text in them.  If you are taking a
screenshot that contains a photograph and your theme uses a lot of colours
gradients and no text you might just be able to get a reasonable result
but you have already made it very difficult to get compact screenshots
with that of setup.  I expect that users are trying to sharpen screenshots
to compensate for the inappropriate condiditions when taking the

Sven pointed out that the GIMP has support for MIDI devices which as far
as I can tell is not something Adobe Photoshop supports, however I
wouldn't like to assume that the MIDI support provided by the Operating
system doesn't take care of this somehow.

Given their supposedly "Neutral Point of view" the Wikipedia article on
the GIMP is terribly unbalanced, and I hope someone will take the
positives brought up in this conversation and maybe add them to the
article.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_GIMP

(Later I will try and respond to the points Carol made but it was not
clear what she meant and I am particularly short of time today.)


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