I've recently bought a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and I use
it with The Gimp. Now I would like to know how to
solve some problems I have, and how to finetune the
Gimp's preferences.

PROBLEM 1 : I haven't found much documentation about
how to configure the "Preferences > Input Devices >
Configure extended input devices" section. Where
should I go to look for such information ?

PROBLEM 2 : when I click on the tablet with the stylus
during a to short time, Gimp acts as if the stylus was
still on the tablet, with very low pressure. Although
it is NOT on the tablet. That's quite annoying... I've
noticed that when I do such a short click, my system
acts as if I had double clicked very quickly... maybe
it could help to understand the probem ?

PROBLEM 3 : sometimes, depending to the tilt of the
stylus on the the tablet, Gimp draws incorrect lines :
I get zigzag instead of the almost straight line I
would have expected...

That's all I ve noticed until now ;) I hope someone
will be able to give me some help, and that I won't
waste his time.




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