Olivier Ripoll wrote:
Erica De Jesus wrote:
I am currently experiencing problems with the GIMP Deweirdifyer plug-in. It claims to make GIMP stay in one window, one icon in the task bar, but it doesn't. I am using Windows XP with GIMP v2.2.7 and the description in the official GIMP plug-ins site says it supports XP. It only shows the background window that was supposed to handle the GIMP windows, but the GIMP's toolbox and windows were still in a different window. Does anyone know how to fix this, or is the plug-in really non-working?

The deweirdifyer (what a weird name) is badly broken. Better not using it if you do not want to have unexpected crashes or weird situations (like windows still visible that do not actually exist if I remember correctly).



Thanks for the advice then. I actually went back to the original GIMP. A hundred windows are better than an unstable app. :-)

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