Sven Neumann writes:
> I consider to change what GIMP uses the Space key for and would like
> to get some user feedback on this. Currently, pressing the Space key
> temporarily switches to the move tool.

Spacebar to switch temporarily to move is awfully useful. I didn't
know about it until this discussion, but I've often wanted something
like that -- I'm forever switching between move and something else,
for instance when I'm creating lots of different text layers and
need to position each one. If you change spacebar to pan, I hope you'll
consider investing some other key with this "temporary move tool"
meaning. Now that I've known about it for a couple days I'm already
sorry to have to give it up!

Do a lot of gimp users not have a middle mouse button? Maybe tablet
users who don't want to put down the stylus and switch to a mouse?
(That would be understandable.) Or is this just because ... that
other program does it that way, and its users are used to it?

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