Tom Williams writes:
> I'm in the same boat in that I didn't "discover" the current space bar 
> behavior and now that I know about it, I think it's great.  The reason I 
> didn't discover it is purely because I never thought to press the space 
> bar at all.   

I don't even have that excuse. I press the spacebar all the time:
I use it as a no-op to make that image active (so Layers and other
dialogs will correspond to that image). I had dimly noticed that
"something changes in gimp windows" when I pressed it, but I never
thought to hold it down and really look at what was changing.
My only excuse is that I think of space as an autorepeating
character key, something I shouldn't hold down unless I want
some discrete action to happen repeatedly.

If discoverability is the problem, might it help to make it one of
the startup tips? That's probably worthwhile regardless of which
behavior ends up being bound to spacebar; spacebar to pan is
no more discoverable than spacebar to move (I'd be surprised
if most people who use a spacebar panner in any other program
discovered it on their own). 

I bet there are lots of other tips like that which would make good
startup tips.  Is a good
place to collect such tips, or does that just reflect the current
checked-in list?  Would it be better to add tip suggestions as a
patch in a bug?

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