The more detail you provide in your question the better chance you have of
getting exactly the answer you want.  If you want an effect like that seen
in the Rhino picture you need to learn about Halftones, which is very much
retro comic book style as opposed to some of the other simplrer more
straighforward Cartoon effects like:


The wikipedia page isn't a bad place to start if you want to learn more
about Halftones:

There is also a plugin for the gimp that can achieve this effect but it
was confusingly called "Newsprint".  The Newsprint plugin failed to
mention the term Halftone in the short description so even when I knew
what I was looking for it still took me ages to actually find the gimp
Thanks to Michael Natter the next version of the gimp Plugin
Browser has a more flexible search tool which will hopefully make
things easier to find in future but I still think the Newsprint plugin
could benefit from an overhaul/rename/improved documentation.

Here's an example from the RedHat Getting started guide which uses the
Newsprint plugin

Gimp User Manual, examples of Plugins including an example of Newsprint

A GUG tutorial that makes various text effects using the Newsprint plugin


Alan Horkan

Open Clip Art

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