This is probably way off topic for this ML (so please ignore if you want), but it started w/the Gimp, so what hell...

I compiled new versions of atk/glib2/gtk2/pango in order to start checking out the 2.3 series of the Gimp.

Everything went fine. I removed the old atk/glib2/gtk2/pango RPMs along w/their respected devel RPMs. I then make installed (via checkinstall) all the new GTK and friends, so I now have lovely round RPMs of each package installed. Now I compiled Gimp 2.3.0, and, yet again, all went well.

However, when I run YAST now, it insists on reinstalling the old GTK (and friends) devel RPMs. Of course, I don't want to do that as the new header files are already installed. The RPMs I created (with checkinstall) contain the header files. The RPM packages just weren't broken out into 2 RPMs per package (i.e., binary RPM and devel RPM) like SuSE and other distros tend to do.

Any tips on this dilemma?

Thanks for reading,
Eric P

Ps. I'm running SuSE 9.2 pro
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