Patrick Shanahan wrote:
Hm. Tell me please where I have been discourteous to people.
sending list mail to private address and duplicates

When? Are you talking about any of the messages with the current subject?

I just double-checked my "Sent" folder.
All four messages on this subject that I have sent have one "TO" recipient (the list) and no CC recipient.
As I took great care to edit the headers to avoid this.

So what are you talking about?

> and *who* implied theft?

Carol (cite: "please continue to steal").

And by the way, she sent that message not only to the list, but to my address as well.

That I tried to explain to nuno alexandre why he might have received an answer to his mail address instead of the list mail address?
don't *explain*, apologize and correct your actions.

Why should *I* apologize for something I haven't done?

It is obvious you don't even know what happened.
Please inform yourself before you go on saying I have been discourteous to people.
It wasn't me who sent to nuno's private address.

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