Carol Spears wrote:
On Sat, Jun 25, 2005 at 03:59:37PM +0200, Andreas Waechter wrote:

Carol (cite: "please continue to steal").

it is very out of context now.  can you point to where i can download
any Windows operating system for free?

Ok, if you need your own sentence explained to you:
Here is the full sentence:

if you do not
like the way the list has always worked, please continue to steal or buy
your software and leave the free software developers alone.

According to that, there is free software, bought software and stolen software.

I legally use some software that is not free and which I did not buy *). Thus according to your categorization it must be stolen software.

i am willing to be corrected.  all you need to do is provide a url to
where i can download Windows operating system for free that is not

Not necessary, see above - your sentence where you imply I am a thief does not speak of Windows so I do not have to prove that windows is available for free (but btw, at university many years ago, Microsoft gave Windows Licences to students for free)

*) usually the software has to be bought, but I got the licence for free (for helping in beta testing)

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