On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 07:57:54PM +0200, Olivier Lecarme wrote:
> I loaded the various brushes mentioned on Carol Spears' web page. I now
> have a set of 1482 different brushes, which are very interesting and
> useful, but very difficult to manage in the unique brushes dialog. Is
> there a way to have a hierarchy, and to see some very specific brushes
> only when one wants ithem explicitly?
it would take some time to sort them, but gimp can handle its resources
the same way fontconfig is working now.

in the Preferences, under "Folders" there is the ability to use
different directories.  you could, for example, make a folder for
"charcoal" brushes and "flower" brushes and any other useful way of
organizing these resources that might be helpful to you.

i am going to call "folder" by what i consider to be a more appropriate
word "directory" from this point on.

using the preferences dialog, you could easily limit the brushes that
gimp uses in each session, by having it not use the directories full of
brushes that would not be helpful to you.

i rather like this way of being able to manage resources.  i wanted to
manage fonts this way long ago and now, being able to manage tons of
gradients, palettes, fonts and brushes this way is a real strength that
does not clutter the gui or do that much to change the way you work.
well, it doesn't change the way i work at least.

hmm, now i am wondering if it is a good method to managing the plug-ins
as well.  i have some in the plug-in directory that work and some that
are not working....

this was a great question, thanks!

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