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> how can I make a rounded corner box without using the scripf fu? I
> tried using some features in the "selection" menu. It work, but when I
> fill the content with the buck, the color overlaps the box.

Sure.  In a nutshell:

Creating rounded corner selections manually:
Start with new window, white background.
Drag 2 vertical and 2 horizontal guides to create a box in your canvas.
Make circular selection in one corner of 4 guides.
Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V as new layer.  Invert color (to black) for new layer.  Deselect.
Duplicate new layer 3 times, putting each new duplicate in another corner of 
the guides.
Add guides through center of each circle, vertical and horizontal.
Fuzzy select, using Merged, each black circle, holding down shift key
after first one to join each selection.
Use rectangular selection and shift key to draw square selection through
centers of circles that merges with existing circular selections.

The combined square selections (you will need to make two of these) with the 4 
circular selections creates a rounded corner selection.
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