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> Hi,
> I'm new to this list.
> I'll start off by saying that I've used adobe and macromedia products
> extensively.
you are forgiven for this.

the best thing to understand from the beginning is that many of the
things that gimp does, adobe and macromedia products will do the same
things for you, they just keep many of the intermediate steps invisible
from you.

the other thing that should be understood is that gimp works primarily
with pixels; there is slowly being added some vector type
functionality...  the word "slowly" is the operative word there.

gimp is very much more functional, especially on pixels than photoshop5
was.  probably more than photoshop6 which had to steal functionality
from illustrator to be better than gimp.

and, all this information i share with you now is based on rumor and
inuendo on my part.  now is your chance to forgive me.

> I'm trying to draw a flowchart in Gimp.
> The first problem I have is that there is no rectangle 'draw' tool.
> So I used the selection tool, then set the line to solid, however in order to
> move the rectangle I have to select the area around it and move that. That 
> can't
> be the way :-(
the nicest way to draw shapes with gimp (right now) is to use the
selection tools (shift will constrain them to be circles or squares) and
with the Paths dialog, convert the selection to a path and then stroke
the path.

> Secondly I'd like to create a rectangle and put text in there and group the 
> two
> objects or layers.
> Is there a way to do this?
in the layers dialog, you can lock layers together.

> I'm pretty sure these are basic questions and I tried searching the archives,
> however the search tool didn't work,
the making shapes question was answered very recently in a much more
concise way than i did here.

following some of or all of the tutorials found on http://www.gimp.org
will probably be the best approach to take when first becoming friendly
with gimp.

> your help would be  welcome :-)

feel free to ask questions.  it will be easier to answer them if you
describe what you want to do in terms of a process instead of describing
them in terms of other software applications.

and no, we do not have layer effects yet.


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