michael chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Does that actually reload them?  If so, then it sounds feisable, if
> you write a utility (e.g. in perl or something else with a GUI and
> shell manipulation capabilities) to switch these directories in and
> out.  [I'm not sure typing ln -s /dir/ /dir/ repeatedly is better than
> moving folders around.]  Then again, you'd probably need thumbnails in
> addition to directory names for said utility, which would also have
> long start up times...
> I suppose an optional preloader [like OpenOffice.org] is out of the
> question?

Sooner or later GIMP will not any longer load all data files and it
will provide categories to organize them and all that. This is already
planned and it might even come into existance to some extent for GIMP

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