Pierre-Alexis ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I have a couple of thoughts that may (or may not)
> interest you :
> - it's too bad that Gimp's filters' previews don't
> allow you to zoom in/out... it makes them almost
> useless in many cases ! it's sad too that some filters
> don't even have a preview...
> - it's a little strange (but not serious) that filters
> previews are to be seen in a little preview windows,
> while other tools' previews (curves, hue-saturation,
> and so on...) are to be seen in the main window... it
> give a "non rigorous" feeling...
> What do you think of all this ? Does it read relevant
> to you ?

It surely is relevant, but it isn't new. When discussing the
introduction of a common preview widget for the plugins (which did not
exist in 2.0) all these ideas have already been floating around.

Unfortunately everything boils down to that somebody has to implement
this. The current widget is certainly a big improvement over the earlier
nonexistance of previews and solves a lot of problems. Extending it to
do zooming would be of course very good, and I think that patches to
implement this in a sane manner would be gladly accepted.

The "Preview in the Image Window" is harder. The same holds here: If
somebody prepares a good patch it'd be accepted gladly.

I just want to make you aware that there are not that many people
actively developing on the GIMP and there are certainly more pressing
issues than the preview. Please don't hold your breath for improvements

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