On Sun, Jul 03, 2005 at 11:38:45PM +0200, Pierre-Alexis wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a couple of thoughts that may (or may not)
> interest you :
> - it's too bad that Gimp's filters' previews don't
> allow you to zoom in/out... it makes them almost
> useless in many cases ! it's sad too that some filters
> don't even have a preview...

one of the differences in the plug-ins and their previews is that some
of the plug-ins have been written in c and have access to the parts of
gimp that use previews.  others have been scripted in either script-fu
or python or perl (depending on if you have gimp-python and gimp-perl
installed or not).  the last time that i looked, scripts for gimp do not
have access to previews.

> - it's a little strange (but not serious) that filters
> previews are to be seen in a little preview windows,
> while other tools' previews (curves, hue-saturation,
> and so on...) are to be seen in the main window... it
> give a "non rigorous" feeling...

you can easily configure the size of the previews for the plug-ins that
have previews.  i wrote a how-to and a demonstration of how to do this
on my web site:
i created examples up to 576x576pixels.  just because my examples
stopped there does not mean that you need to.

> What do you think of all this ? Does it read relevant
> to you ?
it makes sense what you are asking.  the mishmash of different plug-ins
and different behavior makes sense as well, if you can understand the
gimp and its humble origins.  it was in so many ways like a big
community soup in which everyone brought something good and different
and added it into the making.  or perhaps like a pot luck dinner.  at
least this seems to describe the gimp-1.0 i started with.

i also can see what a huge effort it would be, coding-wise, to give
preview access to gimp scripters.  it might be a case on my part of a
little knowledge is a bad thing, but i understand it enough to see how
complicated it would be.

it is also (perhaps) difficult to see the humble origins right now from
such a beautiful piece of software.  this was the goal, but remember,
looks can be deceiving and probably that is the intention of "looks" --
to be deceiving.

i hope the configuration how-to is helpful to you.


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