> > I have a first-time question.  In general terms, how can I change all the
> > pixels of one colour within a hand-drawn selection into another colour ?
> Select by color, Fill

But that selects all the black text in the guf, not just the one letter
I need to colour.  That was why I had started with a hard-drawn selection
to isolate just the one letter.

> > I tried the colour-to-alpha idea suggested in the first background-colour
> > change tutorial, but colour-to-alpha is greyed out and I don't how know
> > to get past that, if it is the right way to go.
> Image - Mode - RGB
> (while the image is in indexed mode, some things can't work)

OK, I did that and colour-to-alpha turned on, but what I selected it, first
it squared off the hand-drawn selection to include bits of other letters and
secondly, it had made up its own mind about what was background and foreground
so that I couldn't get at the black letter but only the white paper.

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