Paulo Jorge de Oliveira Cantante de Matos ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm quite surprised with some results. I had some mathematica
> plots which I just exported into EPS and inserted into a LaTeX
> document. They are excellent. One of them I had to edit so I
> used Gimp and when I saved in EPS, the result was terrible.
> Alot of alias. I do imagine its about resolution but I'm not
> sure. Has anyone had a similar issue? Can someone help me out
> edit a EPS image in Gimp with at least comparable results of
> Mathematica?


Basically what happens when you import an EPS file into GIMP is that it
gets rasterized, since Gimp can only handle pixel based images. So Gimp
is the wrong tool to edit EPS files.

You might want to try to use pstoedit and then use e.g. inkscape or SVG
to edit the result.


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