> I'm quite surprised with some results. I had some mathematica
> plots which I just exported into EPS and inserted into a LaTeX
> document. They are excellent. One of them I had to edit so I
> used Gimp and when I saved in EPS, the result was terrible.
> Alot of alias. I do imagine its about resolution but I'm not
> sure. Has anyone had a similar issue? Can someone help me out
> edit a EPS image in Gimp with at least comparable results of
> Mathematica?

I think the issue is vector versus raster.  GIMP is a raster program.
Since Mathematica is dealing with the curves directly, it probably simply
translates the equations into a vector, which can then be handled by
Postscript native elements, and likewise, TeX.

You can definitely make this better by increasing the resolution.  I would
suggest 300DPI as a starting point.

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