perry wrote:
I am debating whether to go to Linux for the cost of p'shop CS2.
CS2 presently allows the use of its tool palate when working with a 48/16 bit image. Will the Gimp allow me to do similar, and will it generally do the same (or even better) than CS2?? Thanks Perry

If you are looking for a software working with 48 bits images (16 bits per channel), Gimp cannot help you. However, you still can use Gimp's cousin, cinepaint (google for it for the exact website). Its interface is however not as nice as gimp and I think it is not as stable. But the pair Cinepaint + Gimp probably can replace PS for most users.

I think you may also use "wine" to run photoshop under linux. Or the codeweaver version of wine if you want better results:

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PS: [off-topic] there are still some people who do not accept HTML posting in mailing-lists/newsgroup. I think you should try sending your messages as text to increase the chances to get an answer. HTML mails look ugly.

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