Is it advisable to install the current development glib/gtk+ 2.7 libs to go along with this Gimp development release or should the stable glib/gtk+ libraries be used?



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[Gimp-user] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 2.3.3 "What The GIMP" development release


a week after some of us spent their weekend at a hacker gathering in
the dutch swamps (see, a new development
release is presented to you. GIMP version 2.3.3, dubbed "What The
GIMP", is a preview on the upcoming GIMP 2.4.

This release features the prototype of a new foreground selection tool
that is being developed in cooperation with the department of Computer
Science at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin. The SIOX algorithm makes
selection of foreground objects a lot easier. Instead of trying to
trace the object boundary, the user now only has to specify the region
of interest and some representative foreground pixels. SIOX (Simple
Interactive Foreground eXtraction) does the rest, see

More details can be found in the press release:

The source code of GIMP 2.3.3 can be downloaded from the usual places:

If you want to give it a try, please read the release notes for
development releases:

Last, but not least, here's the detailed list of changes since GIMP 2.3.2:

- improved new GimpPageSelector widget
- minor improvements to the Procedure and Plug-In browsers
- set alternative button order in some places that were missed earlier
- added SIOX algorithm for foreground extraction
- fixed most gcc 4.0 warnings
- improved Cursor view and Sample Points functionality
- prepared code and UI for more layer lock types
- added new PDF import plug-in based on libpoppler
- undeprecated and improved palette editor, added cursor navigation
- show more information in the Image Properties dialog
- added prototype of SIOX foreground selection tool
- fixed build of MMX code on gcc 4.0
- moved procedure browser to libgimpwidgets as GimpProcBrowserDialog
- canonicalize PDB procedure and parameter names
- use the coefficients from the sRGB spec when calculating luminance
- allow to remove alpha channel from a layer
- added more different cursors for the paths tool
- bug fixes and code cleanup

Happy GIMPing, Sven
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