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> Hello!
> Does the current version of the Gimp have any tool to delete only a certain
>   color?

Two ways to do this:
Filter->Color->Color to Alpha (this will turn your color transparent,
which is what deleting it effectively does in the GIMP)
Use the Select By Colour tool (looks like a finger pointing at one of
three colour buttons) and then click on the colour you want to delete
( you may need to adjust the threshold to get it to work right and try
different spots on the colour you want).  Then use the delete
function; either by right-clicking and click Select->Delete, or
pushing the delete button on your keyboard.

If you don't have an alpha channel, then instead there will yield the
background colour in the latter; the former will be greyed-out.  Solve
by right clicking the layer and clicking "add alpha channel".

When/if you flatten the image, transparency turns into the background
colour.  You can also maintain a background layer (with your
background colour) under the image...

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