I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I want to write gimp support for an obscure file format.  The format
is relatively simple (simpler than TGA or BMP, for the most part), but
does have a few variations where I would want to use multiple layers.

I've written code in perl to convert to/from other image file formats,
but maintaining that with all the variations is suboptimal because
image features don't precisely overlap.

I do not want to write a .c plugin, because portability is more
important to me than speed.

These images are relatively small (a few megabytes at most), and I'm
hoping I can ignore all the "load image an arbitrary tile at a time"
features of the GIMP.  If not, I'll live with that, if only I could
figure out how.  If doing this from script fu kills performance, I can
always advise people to save images in some other file format (such as
.XCF) before manipulating them.

I do NOT know much about scheme internals.  I've been trying to study
them, but I keep getting off on tangents that lead me elsewhere.

I am comfortable with scheme, and think I know how to look up anything
scheme-related but non-gimp-specific.

Can someone point me at:  

* gimp 2.2 load/save support for some type of file written in script-fu?  Or,

* a concise reference work describing the data types I'd need to deal
with and their fundamental support routines?  Or,

* a faq which is specific to this topic (script fu support for load/save)?  Or,

* anything else which you think would be specifically useful in this context?

Or, if all else fails, I suppose I could try to dig up .XCF file
format documentation and write conversion support to/from that format
in perl.  But I just know I'm going to hate myself, if I attempt that


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