Rikard Johnels wrote:

I have two images taken with a few seconds difference, and i want to subtract the differences between them from one of them. Its a crowded square, with people walking around, And i want to "keep" all the stationary object, as benches etc, and remove the things that have moved.

Try this:

Make the two exposures into two layers in a single image.
(Align them if necessary.)
Create an opaque layer mask on the top layer.

Now, painting on the mask should reveal the bottom layer. Just
paint over any moving objects on the top layer, to reveal the
fixed background on the bottom layer. (Making the top layer
slightly transparent will help you to predict what will be

When done, apply the layer mask to the top layer, and flatten
the result.

Does that do what you need?

David Hodson  --  this night wounds time
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