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On 8/23/05, squareyes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,
am having problems printing to HP Laserjet 1100 (printing grayscale)
from Gimp. Printer shows in the printing dialog, but on the print command
I get 1 page with

                         %%Creator: Print plug-in V4.2 for
GIMP/Gimp-Print 4.2.7 (15 Jul
followed by many blank pages through the printer. The only way to stop

This is raw postscript.  Apparently, something isn't parsing the
Postscript into something your printer can read.

Am using Ubuntu Linux 5.04. Printer is fine with Open Office,  Gedit etc.

This OS has a habit of autoconfiguring things for the user... I dunno
if you'd even know how to go about fixing this.

What kind of print system does Ubuntu use?  CUPS?

Hi Michael,
Ubuntu uses Cups, and I have gimp-print installed.
It's only with this printer after 3 years, I have finally managed to print anything with Linux, so am feeling pretty happy. Have been trying to get various dot-matrix printers to work with no success. In the printer dialog, it gives the option of postscript 1 and 2.
Have tried both.

How may I try and fix this problem, am always willing to have a go, can always re-install if I manage to wreck things. Am a newbie as far as command line goes, but figure I have around 25 years left so am looking to learn.Your help is much appreciated, thanks.
Take Care

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