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> >What kind of print system does Ubuntu use?  CUPS?
> Hi Michael,
> Ubuntu uses Cups, and I have gimp-print installed.
> It's only with this printer after 3 years, I have finally managed to
> print anything with Linux,
> so am feeling pretty happy. Have been trying to get various dot-matrix
> printers
> to work with no success. In the printer dialog, it gives the option of
> postscript 1 and 2.
> Have tried both.

Sound fair.  I know for a fact I got lucky, since HP apparently seems
to be somewhat fond of making printer drivers for their printers --
and that was what I've been stuck with since the beginning of time
(well, except for when I was 2, when we had one of those Apple
Laserjet thingies and a Mac LC or whatever it was called).

What packaging manager does Ubuntu use (aptitude, some graphical thing
in X, etc. etc.)?  I use debian, which is similar, but not exactly the
same.  I believe you want to ensure you don't have the regular lpr,
but a CUPS-compatable one, which is located in "cupsys-bsd".
"cupsys-client" looks useful too, if you don't have it.  You might
also want "cupsys-driver-gimpprint".  See if that helps in any way,
shape or form.

If you're wondering, these appear to be the CUPS packages on my
system, and I can print on both HTP Deskjet 842C and 722C (although
these are different types of printers).  I realise my installation is
much outdated -- I suggest you get the latest ones you can get your
hands on.  This came from "dpkg -l | grep cups".

ii  cups-pdf                                    1.7.1-1
    PDF printer for CUPS
ii  cupsys                                      1.1.23-11
    Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server
ii  cupsys-bsd                                  1.1.23-11
    Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - BSD commands
ii  cupsys-client                               1.1.23-11
    Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - client programs (SysV)
ii  cupsys-driver-gimpprint                     4.2.7-10
    Gimp-Print printer drivers for CUPS
ii  cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data                4.2.7-10
    Gimp-Print printer drivers for CUPS
ii  gnome-cups-manager                          0.30-2
    CUPS printer admin tool for GNOME
ii  libcupsimage2                               1.1.23-11
    Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - image libs
ii  libcupsys2-gnutls10                         1.1.23-11
    Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs
ii  libgnomecups1.0-1                           0.2.0-2
    GNOME library for CUPS interaction
ii  libgnomecupsui1.0-1                         0.30-2
    UI extensions to libgnomecups

Yes, that's a command line -- it took me 3 years of tinkering with
Debian Linux (especially on this really annoying machine, a All-in-One
known as the Gateway Astro) to learn everything I learned.  Everything
else comes from "sudo su - man -- mandb" (update the man page index,
which requires su, sudo, and mandb, although you can get away without
either su or sudo), "man" (find a man page and read it), and "apropos"
(search the index for a word).  The tool "whatis" (whatis xyz helps
find short descriptions of a command's prupose) is also useful.

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