Hello, I was messing around with the gimp and it great for nearly everything i need.

However, I'm not sure how to do a few things that would make things much easier when I do my pixel art.

1. A "preview box" of some kind.
Like, one without any guides sticking in it that shows the finished picture at a 1:1 scale. I work zoomed in (usually 300-500%) on tiny images and it is annoying to zoom out every change I make. Additionally, I'd have to remove guides to really see how the picture looks like.

2. A way to simply specify radius of pencils.
Brushes are awesome, however I prefer just simply drawing a 1 pixel circle, or a 2 pixel circle with the pencil took without looking for a brush of that size.

Also, if there are any other programs you reccomend for Pixel art, I'll be happy to know. My only requirement is that there must be a free linux version :-)

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