percy tiglao ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 1. A "preview box" of some kind.
> Like, one without any guides sticking in it that shows the finished picture 
> at a 1:1 scale. I work zoomed in (usually 300-500%) on tiny images and it is 
> annoying to zoom out every change I make. Additionally, I'd have to remove 
> guides to really see how the picture looks like. 

You can open a second view to your image. The zoom level, guide
visibility etc. is independant in this image view.

> 2. A way to simply specify radius of pencils.
> Brushes are awesome, however I prefer just simply drawing a 1 pixel circle, 
> or a 2 pixel circle with the pencil took without looking for a brush of that 
> size.

by clicking the "new" button in the brush selection dialog you get a
dialog where you can adjust the parameters of the brush. You can also
assign keyboard shortcuts to these parameters, so that you can easily
change the radius of this brush on the fly.

I hope this helps,
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