On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 10:48:51PM -0400, Helen wrote:
> Whenever I try to resize a photo with the crop tool,
> I have to stop and change "pixels" to "inches".
> How can I set "inches" as the default?

from the Toolbox in the Preferences:
File-->Default Image, Image Size has a little radio menu next to the
numbers windows there.  change this from "pixels" to the next entry
which should be "inches".

if you have problems later in your life as a graphic artist, you might
need to twiddle with the X and Y resolution as well (found in Advanced
Options on the same Preference menu).

i think "pixels" is the default as it is the most honest.  color
printers like the resolution to be 300 pixels per inch and web sites are
better with 72 pixels/inch.

when you are looking at the computer display, you are not seeing inches,
you are seeing pixels.  complicated stuff -- sometimes i lose track of
where i am and what resolution i should be working at.  every device
works better with different amounts of pixels and it really sucks on the
user end, no matter what the application you are using.


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