> There are two books in german, convering GIMP 2.0, AFAIK. The situation you
> described has happened, they got somewhat outdated by the release of GIMP
> 2.2 (though one can also use good 1.x books with newer versions of GIMP).

> If anyone knows of other GIMP 2 books, in any language, please post about
> them here. We can then add them to http://www.gimp.org/books/ - there is one
> 2.2 book mentioned there, btw.

Maybe also it would be useful to know of pending projects to write new
books. For example, I'm contemplating writing a book, both in French and
in English, to be completed in about two years. If somebody has similar
projects, it would be useful to know, in order not to waste efforts.

In my opinion, writing a full-fledged book about Gimp is a major effort
for the author, and publishing it with proper color illustrations is a
major effort for the publisher.


                        Olivier Lecarme

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