I'm not sure that the speed Gimp is developed can stop publisher. Of course they like to have up2date docs but as they think in years, they will usually work on book update when necessary. For those who want to self-publish book, it is easily possible. That's what have been done for [a la] SOS GIMP (http://www.le-radar.com), which is a FGDL book. Translation of it could be done. For people who to test that : a first is an average of 6 month work. Application documentation are very hard to do as they have to be very precise.

If Olivier need some help for self publication in France, i can help.

I also would like to say that i'm working on a new book. Not a learning one, but an example one, with graphists tips. 3 people are already OK to contribute, but other are welcome. The purpose is to show what good job can be do with free softwares (we know that but not everybody). If self published this book could be under a Free licence.

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