> Sorry for asking a probably stupid question, but what means self-
> publishing? Writing and contributing to/with a license that allowes
> everybody to download a book and to sell the printed version parallel?

Self-publishing simply means that the author is the publisher.  This can
be for any kind of book.  I personally self-publish a GFDL book, and can
provide guidance for anyone wanting to do something similar.  Open
licenses means that micro-publishers (which include self-publishers) can
publish books that they have not paid to write.  Technically, anyone could
download my book and publish it on their own.  In fact, I believe that is
actually happening for translations.  Most people do not because it would
be a waste of time to simply re-publish under another title what someone
else is already the de facto seller of.  If anyone is interested in my
book, see:


If anyone would like assistance self-publishing, you can email me at

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