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 > Hi,
 > I'm scanning in images at 42 bit depth, but unfortunately my software
> doesn't do LZW TIFF compression so I'm using gimp for that. If I read in to > gimp a 42 bit file and write out a compressed TIFF, I guess I've lost my 42

 > bit depth until gimp supports 42 bit. Is that right?

Yes. Cinepaint (formally film gimp) will handle 16 bit/color, 48 bit images. It's main problem is that it's not really meant for big scans (film frames are actually not all that big), and it's based on an old fork of gimp. I use it to tweak levels and write the image back out. I then use regular gimp (2.2.8)

from what I gather from the list, the gimp devos are holding off supporting more than 8 bits till they re-write major portions of the code. As in not in the near future. (feel free to correct me)

I've got a 16/48 bit scanner, and I'm looking at a DSLR that produces 12/36 bit raw files. Thats a lot of data to toss, and it's what will drive me to a windoze platform to support the tools (raw decoders and image manipulators) that will work with all the data thats in the image. I wish I had the skillz to contribute because it's definitly a scratch I need to itch.


I am in the same boat as GIMP is not working anymore for what I need. It is nice to try things but without decent colour depth it is becoming useless.

I have submitted my comments to the bug tracker and advise others to do it as well.

I wish I had more time as I would try to learn more on how to help with the change and much needed improvement to the colour depth.
Robin Laing
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