On Tuesday 06 September 2005 04:10, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> FWIW, I'm working on another GIMP book, tentatively titled The Artist's
> Guide to GIMP Effects.  It's essentially a followup to my first book,
> The Artist's Guide to the GIMP.  I think the publication date is early
> next year - publisher is No Starch Press.  It will be full color,
> glossy print if all things go as planned.  The text is still in
> development but should be ready before years end.

i look forward to seeing it, i saw your first one on amazon and was going 
to buy that, i have the other gimp book somewhere, the grokking the gimp 

> The book is not a reference guide, I.E. it's not a "you'll find filter
> X in menu Y" book.  It's completely tutorial based, with multiple
> sections of multiple tutorials each.  There will be sections on Type,
> Print/Advertising, Web, and UI Design, among others.

sounds good :)

> One of mine did well, the other not so well.  There wasn't a really big
> desktop Linux market at the time 1.2 rolled out (and GIMP existed only
> marginally on non-Unix platforms for awhile) and ~8 books pretty much
> saturated that market.  The market is bigger now, but at least some of
> that spreads into the Windows and Mac market.  It's unclear (at least
> to me) if that means better sales for these kinds of books or not.

i think (from a users view :)) a tutorial based one should do well. i have 
had the grokking the gimp one for quite a long while but to do stuff i 
bought magazines which featured photoshop tutorials.

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