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> > It's a shame as the 2.x series just blows heaps and chunks over 1.x.
> > And it's nicer to look at as well... would make for a nice looking (and
> > useful) book.
> Some of the Windows users are not so happy about the UI (I was forwarded
> a comment from a reader to my GIMP column in Linux Format about this) so
> it's not clear to me how to address their concerns from the point of
> view of documentation like a tutorial book.  I've pretty much punted on
> the issue at this point, taking the view that following the product as
> designed will address the largest market segment with the best
> information possible.

This is because the development of Windows XP's eye candy now
resembles that of KDE -- GIMP's user interface just doesn't have
enough eye candy to support the novel users of this OS.  The solution?
 Customizable eye candy -- I can turn it on so it looks like XP (or
KDE, or a hybrid, or _something_) or I can turn it off so it looks
like it does now.  That said, I don't know if this is a solution -- it
is the opinion of just one person.  So far.

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