On 9/8/05, Chris Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've scanned an inked pencil drawing, and I'd like to remove the blue
> pencil sketch marks with the GIMP, but I can't figure out how.
> Basically, all I need to do is remove all shades of blue from the image.

Try either colour-to-alpha, or the select-by-colour.  The first is a
filter (right-click image, click image menu, click colors, click
"color to alpha" in 2.2.8, maybe earlier) and the second is a tool
(looks like a finger pointing at one of three coloured squares).  Good

Btw, if you delete an area, it becomes transparent -- you can turn it
to the background colour by flattening as far as I know, or you can
put another layer of the colour of your background behind it (may
require you to add an alpha channel, if one doesn't already exist --
right click layer name and click "add alpha channel").

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